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Summer 2021

Who's In Your Coven?

Jewitches are back! • The afterlife of Ethel Rosenberg  • How to mourn a friend in a 10-month shiva • New--a nonbinary naming ritual • Tovah Feldshuh's Everywoman qualities • Mahjong, and why this women's game matters

In This Issue

Lilith Feature

Tovah Feldshuh is a Mensch on a Mission

Liba Vaynberg

From RBG to Golda Meir to Dr. Ruth to countless mothers and daughters, the actress has come to embody a certain kind of unflappable Jewish woman.

Lilith Feature

Pagans, Priestesses & Witches… but Jewishly

Arielle Silver-Willner

As tales of the mythological “demon” Lilith (and this magazine’s title) remind us, for as long as there has been feminism, there’s been feminist reclamation of threatening female archetypes.

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From Tarot Reader to Jewitch: My Spiritual Journey at 40


Someone suggested placing a crystal on my third eye while meditating. “My third eye?” I asked, touching my forehead, and then replying, “Oh! You mean the place for my head tefillin?”

How to Move, How to Breathe


What I learned in Tel Aviv was not what you’d expect.

The Holiness of the In-Between


Crafting a Jewish ceremony to celebrate my new, non-binary name.

Fiction: The Fronds of Knives


In 1930's France, fifteen-year-old Manon is presented with the opportunity to pose as a nude model for Matisse, in order to secure American visas for her family.

Ethel and Me


Ethel Rosenberg’s literary (and familial) afterlife continues to trigger pain and controversy for her daughter-in-law.

Mahjong: Why this Women’s Game Matters


A Chinese game of skill has cultural significance for Jews—and women.

A Hebrew Priestess Reconnects with Her Roots


“In kindergarten, everyone was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up,” Keshira haLev Fife recalls of her childhood. “And I said I wanted to be a rabbi, even before I understood what it meant.”

American Baby


Adoption, infertility, and the long tail of a midcentury tragedy.

A Best Friends’ Guide to Communal Grieving


After a friend’s suicide during the pandemic, a group mourned over Zoom. The solace was not entirely as expected.

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